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Take your horse on a holiday. Watch your horse graze from the verandah or lounge chair. We can agist your horse close to the cottages.

Staying else where? You can still bring your horse as well. We offer agistment on a short term or long term basis.

On this page are some things you need to consider when agisting:

Horse Agistment




Week: short term


Month: long term


 2 or more horses: month (by arrangement)


Prices current from 1/1/2014. Prices include GST. 

Weeds & Noxious Plants:

Horses carry seed in their gut from poor quality or contaminated feed. We are very conscious about weeds and noxious plants and the damage they do to the environment and our pastures.

We have spent a lot of time (years) and money ($thousands) managing and controlling weeds on THE GLEN. It takes many years to eradicate a weed once they germinate and spread. Poor quality horse feed is a major cause for the spread of weeds and noxious plants.

You can help us in our management and improve the environment by taking a few simple measures:

  • NO Grass Hay, Completo or feed mix which contains 'seed'.
  • Please use only Lucerne or a steam treated feed product.
  • Gum nuts and/or chaff are OK.
  • Please feed horses in the same area all the time.


Horses take time to establish hierarchical structures in paddocks. If one introduces a new horse into an established group it will lead to fighting. We have a large number of horses on long term agistment at THE GLEN. They are always kept in the same social group.

We use separate paddocks for horses on short term agistment.
If you are staying at THE GLEN Farm Cottages, we will try to have your horse located near the cottages. However, this is dependent on weather, paddock conditions and horse numbers.

Staying @ THE GLEN Farm Cottages:

To maintain the garden setting around the cottages and the amenity for other guests at THE GLEN, there are some simple rules to follow.

When using the paddocks near THE GLEN:

  • Horses are to be taken straight from the paddock to the day yard or the saddling area provided just outside the gate to THE GLEN Farm Cottages.
  • Please use the driveway for access.
  • No grazing, hand feeding, grooming or riding of horses in the garden areas around the cottages.
  • Horse feed is to be left in horse floats and not at the cottages.

All horse owners who agist horses long term in the paddocks near the cottages follow these rules.

We do expect that horses agisted for short term follow the same rules.


We have not experienced any security problems with floats being parked and located at THE GLEN. A day yard and horse float parking area is situated just inside the gate entrance to the cottages. This is also the saddling, grooming and feeding area for horses.

It is important that you DO NOT take horse floats beyond this point. There is insufficient room to turn around in the cottage area, and the tree branches are too low for horse floats to pass.

Horses that are on agistment in paddocks other than at the cottages, will also find there is off street parking for floats. If you are concerned about security please bring a padlock or tow ball lock.


It is good manners not to tie horses up to fences.
Please remember that horse riding is hazardous. Owners and parents of children are responsible for their own horses.

For more than 40 years THE GLEN has provided agistment for horses, but we do not accept responsibility for the behaviour of horses, the owners and or riders.

Painkalac Pastoral Co. Pty. Ltd. ABN: 37 366 713 851



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